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 Your new OnePass card is the key to an easy, convenient and amazing experience at Woodward Tahoe, Boreal Mountain Resort and Soda Springs Mountain Resort. Your OnePass card can be reloaded with season passes, day tickets, lessons, rentals and even food. 

 Your OnePass benefits:

  • You can use your OnePass at all three resorts
  • You can reload your OnePass 
  • You can link your OnePass to your credit card
  • You can use your OnePass for season passes, day tickets, lessons, rentals, food and more
  • Your OnePass gives your FREE parking      
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How does it work?

The OnePass holds ALL purchases on one card. Once you pick up your OnePass, you can reload with season passes (direct-to-lift), day tickets (direct-to-lift), lessons, rentals and even food.

Where is my Photo?

The OnePass has no profile photo on it. We ask you, upon purchase, to sign your name on the back of it so you don’t get it mixed up with your friends. When your OnePass is scanned, a photo will appear on the scanner.

Can we share with other people?

No, each guest is required to have his or her own OnePass.

How often do I need to update my photo?

Once a year is preferable.

How do I access / update my account online?

Create an account and access it through our website,

What can I load onto my OnePass?

You can use your OnePass for season passes, day tickets, lessons, rentals, and food. Is this pass good at all Woodward’s and Powdr Resorts? Your OnePass is valid at Boreal Mountain Resort, Woodward Tahoe and Soda Springs Mountain Resort. (Dependent upon the products you have purchased.)

What happens if I lose my pass?

Contact Boreal Mountain Resort ASAP to turn it off. Or, Log into your account on and turn it off.

How much does it cost to have my card replaced?

Your first reprint is free. All additional reprints are $5 each.

Can I go straight to the lift if I bought a ticket online using my OnePass? Or do I have to redeem it somehow?

If you already have your OnePass in your possesion and you bought products online, they will be automatically loaded onto your OnePass, allowing you to go direct-to-lift!

How do I buy and use a gift card?

You can buy a gift card from our Mountain Services Desk. If you would like to buy a gift card and have it mailed to you please contact Mountain Services at (530) 426-3666 and press 3.

Will I get a confirmation after I purchase?

(In person/ over the phone/ online orders) Every purchase will have an email confirmation or personal receipt to ensure you your order was received.

How do I use my discount in retail/sister resorts?

Present your OnePass to the cashier to redeem your discounts.

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