Join our staff this Fall with one of our amazing jobs in The Bunker!




Summer Camp JOBS:

Every summer, we receive interest from 100's of people for employment at Woodward Tahoe. A person's motivation for being involved in camp may vary. Some are looking for a way to have fun in the summer while others may be looking to have a positive impact on the lives of our campers. Whatever the reason, we're always looking for people who can help make camp a great experience for kids!


HOUSING COORDINATOR: The Housing Coordinator is responsible for the overall operation of The Bunkhouse, The Barracks, and VIP Condos. This includes following all safety and health regulations, maintaining inventory of supplies, linens and furniture, cleaning rooms and common areas, overseeing campers and counselors, assigning staff/camper/visiting pro rooms, inspecting rooms on a regular and scheduled basis. The Housing Coordinator will work closely with the Camp Office assigning appropriate living arrangements for Woodward Tahoe campers and staff. He or she will take age, gender and specific requests into account when assigning rooms. Expenses need to be monitored and kept within budget guidelines. This person is also responsible for ensuring the overall well-being of campers, staff and VIPs during their stay in any Woodward Tahoe housing.

 Camp employees should expect:           

 Camp employees should NOT expect:

  • A rewarding experience
  • Exhaustion!
  • To be a role model for kids
  • To sleep in a bunk bed
  • To be available for other duties
  • To enforce camp rules
  • Memories to last a lifetime
  • To have time for personal obligations
  • To spend every waking minute skateboarding, BMXing, snowboarding or skiing
  • To get sponsored


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