This new addition to Woodward Tahoe will break ground in May and will tenatively open in the end of June. (Or as soon as all of this snow melts... Over 500" this year!)

"The idea behind this park was to keep the unique natural beauty of the terrain and bring in some urban street obstacles that are themed to match the environment. We didn't want to come in and just bulldoze a bunch of trees and build a park that looked and felt like everything else. The way that this park flows through the trees is really unique and we think it's going to make an amazing setting"- Neal Hendrix


July 10 - August 6, 2016 (Summer Camp Only)
August 12 - late October, 2016 (Open to Public)



In the view from the existing tennis courts, you can see the big six stair with hubbas on both sides. The hubbas will be textured concrete with metal edging.


The view from the top quarterpipe shows you can go left to pop up the Euro gaps, or go right to hit the tree stump hip and volcano.Skatepark pic-2Skatepark pic-3

Endless lines coming down from the tennis courts. You can hit the hubbas on either side of the six stair, or just jam down the banked center section to hit the tree stump wedge ramp.

Skatepark pic-4

In this overview you can see that the new Sierra park is ledges and rails galore. All of the ledges are going to be textured concrete in the shape of wooden logs with perfect metal edges for grinding.Skatepark pic-5

Both of these tree stump themed obstacles are going to built of textured concrete. The volcano shaped tree stump on the left will have a grindable lip, while the tree stump on the right will form a kicker ramp into the bank.Skatepark pic-7

\Everyone loves a pole jam, and the new Sierra Park has a killer one.Skatepark pic-8

The best urban skate obstacles with a natural Sierra backdrop.


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