Super Tramp

The center of our aerial awareness training programs is the "Super Tramp". The Super Tramp is the largest trampoline made in the world. Bounce up to three times higher than on a normal trampoline to learn tricks that just can't be done on the Olympic tramps.


What makes it so SUPER?

The size: At 14'x14', the Super Tramp provides significantly more surface area than the traditional 14'x7' setup and was specifically designed to train action sports athletes. As a result, the Super Tramp has a bigger "sweet spot," providing more room for error and is much better for learning the big tricks you see today.

The springs: The Super Tramp utilizes jumbo-sized super springs and stronger corner springs to increase height while providing more stability and keeping the bouncer centered while on the bed.

The weave: The special-woven, two-string bed of the Super Tramp provides maximum height, without the rigid recoil of a traditional trampoline. Some would compare it to bouncing on air. The slow bounce makes it feel similar to a large jump in the terrain park. 


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