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Burton Snowboard X Woodward ParkBoard CollabIn 2012, Woodward teamed up with Burton Snowboards to perfect Woodward’s patented ParkBoard™ indoor snowboard. Woodward’s ParkBoard is a wheel-based snowboard specifically designed to ride on Skatelite™ surfaces used for aerial awareness progression. The Skatelite wood surface is the same used in skateparks around the world.

Woodward started the ParkBoard revolution by testing various wheel configurations attached to a rigid wooden snowboard prototype. Once the board was tested and the model was proven, Woodward knew it needed to partner with a snowboard company to take it to the next level. Woodward went right to the most popular snowboard company in the world, Burton Snowboards. With their R&D capabilities and dedication to the progression of snowboarding, Burton was the obvious choice.

Woodward Burton Snowboards ParkBoardAs soon as the Burton engineers got their hands on the ParkBoard, there was a noticeable difference. The first version of the Woodward X Burton ParkBoard had huge improvements in flex, both in torsional and under foot. From there the design really took off and brought the ParkBoard to where it is today. Burton has created a board designed to feel like a traditional snowboard with a conventional wood core and Burton’s Triax fiberglass, the same glass used throughout Burton’s snowboard line-up. Currently the ParkBoard is produced in four various sizes, all optimized to work alongside the wheel-based system allowing riders to emulate speeds found on-snow.

Using the ParkBoard in the Ride with Woodward program, first time snowboarders are able to learn indoors until they become comfortable enough to take their skills onto the snow.  The ParkBoard, along with Woodward’s unparalleled programs, are revolutionizing the snowboard learning model.  The Woodward X Burton ParkBoard is available to campers and guests at Woodward Copper, CO, Woodward Tahoe, CA and Camp Woodward, PA.

What people are saying about the ParkBoard:

Woodward Tahoe Progression“We were super stoked to work with Woodward. Anything we can do to get more people into snowboarding and help them progress. Working with Woodward on the boards was an amazing experience. I had a chance to hop on a board at Copper last year and within 30 minutes I was lauching into the big foam pit and laughing harder than I have in years. These boards are definitely changing the way riders progress and learn new tricks.”

– Chris Fidler, Category Manager, Burton Snowboards

"It's been really nice having Woodward Tahoe in my backyard whenever I'm craving to shred! Having ParkBoards has been instrumental part in learning new tricks for me!" 

– Chas Guldemond, Professional Snowboarder/ Olympic Athlete

"The ParkBoard is an awesome tool to use for adding new tricks to your bag. They are great for learning how to better pump through transitions like half pipe and roller, as well as helping with timing and pop off of jumps for spins and flips."

– Cro (Anthony Corbo), 25, Woodward Copper Barn Coach

Woodward Burton ParkBoard Technology"The advancements in the Burton ParkBoard have helped us revolutionize the way we introduce snowboarding to beginners, and has dramatically increased the speed of skill progression for terrain park riders.  We can practice skills in a warm, soft, and safe environment until we have the repetition and muscle memory to take a new skill outside.  Our success rate for teaching new tricks is off the charts!" 

– Phoebe Mills, Woodward Tahoe Director of Operations/Olympic Athlete Bronze Medalist

“The ParkBoard is one of the best investments I've seen at the barn so far because they're for all abilities. From the beginners to pros, everyone can benefit from these boards. They give people a better understanding of what you need to know about jumps whether its from the approach, takeoff, air awareness, or spotting your landings with the comfort of a foam landing. I coach a group of skilled up and coming riders and we will be using Woodward to train on the ParkBoard.”

– Al Grogan, Woodward Copper Snowboard Coach

“The custom equipment that Burton provides is exclusive to Woodward facilities and has the most cutting edge snowboard technology to maximize the Woodward Barn’s progressive Skatelite jumps to foam pits. Anyone from first time riders to the most advanced snowboarders can progress their skills with our programs in a super fun environment.”

– Morrison Hsieh, GM Woodward Copper


Woodward Camper ParkBoard Snowboard


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